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All in for sustainability

Thinking sustainably

into the future.

Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645–1714) is considered the founder of sustainability. As head miner, he only cut down as much of his forest as could be regenerated in the foreseeable future. This economic and ecological action ensured the continued existence of forestry in the Upper Ore Mountains.

250 years later, the United Nations Brundtland Report took up the concept of sustainability in a political and social context. Humanity can develop sustainably in a way that satisfies its needs without restricting future generations. Sustainability takes place in the present while it is intended for the future.

As Carlowitz recognised as early as the 18th century, sustainability is the only aspect that makes companies viable for the future. Only those who take on a holistic view of all aspects of the market today, as well as of economic and living space, can be successful in the future.

To us, sustainability means questioning each of our actions and developing clever ideas and environmentally friendly solutions.

Your sustainable partner

for events all around Germany

With over 15 years of experience, gained through over 1,500 projects, Berlin Event has already wowed more than 400,000 guests.

As an ISO (14001) certified and EMAS registered company, we are now one of the first agencies in Europe to implement sustainable event concepts in a measurable way.

We are certain: events with a lasting impact require sustainable concepts.

With our holistic understanding of marketing and event communication, we support the sustainable advertising or follow-up of your event. You benefit from our innovative, comprehensive sustainability report on your project, which no other event agency offers in this form.

As a full service agency, we also apply our standards to our partners, whom we select primarily regarding sustainable aspects.




The best way to protect the climate is not to have CO₂ emissions in the first place.

We will analyse each aspect of your event for its potential to be even more environmentally responsible and work with you to develop a green event concept tailored to your needs.



For all unavoidable CO₂ emissions, we work with our partner atmosfair to prepare a detailed CO₂ footprint for your event. You can then choose to offset these emissions by sponsoring high-quality climate protection projects.



Take advantage of public and media interest and make green events a part of your sustainability strategy. Use our detailed documentation of all the sustainability measures and impact of your green event to support you in pursuing your company’s sustainability goals.


Our sphere of activity

All aspects of an event are checked by us for their sustainability, improved in line with the event with more sustainable alternatives, and implemented as sustainably as possible.

In order to do this, we examine the entire event concept for you and align everything in a sustainable manner: from your arrival to the individual sustainability report for your external communication.

Reduction of environmental impacts, positive effects for your corporate image and added value for society.

Sustainability is a basic condition and objective of the organisation, implementation and follow-up of all your events created by Berlin Event.